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Logo, angelo rossi arte

I paint to encourage self-improvement in the personal and social fields.

I work on spiritual, philosophical and anthropological themes, and my works aim to sensitize you to the knowledge of the inner self to improve the quality of your life in relation to the environment in which you live.

Dipinto ad acquarello. Uomo fuso con una poltrona aspira immagini televisive
sito informazioni televisive, acrilico su tela in preparazione 2024 (4).jpg

Imagine there is no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only the sky
Imagine that people
live for the present...

Imagine there are no nations
it's not difficult to do
Nothing to kill or die for…


🎨 Television Information: acrylic painting on canvas in preparation, 35x50cm, 2024


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Author's prints that you can request on paper or if you prefer on canvas ready to hang.

Free downloadable jpeg files that you can print in the size you prefer on paper or canvas.



Love Boat Italy

Is a participatory and itinerant installation, made up of a set of boats, conceived as a continuous work in progress. The boats intended as a means and container, carry and communicate a message, an emotion, with the aim of bringing together diversity.

The Ten Worlds in art

The project consists of a series of themed exhibitions concerning the ten worlds and their interchangeability. These are cultural events that aim to sensitize the community to the knowledge of the inner self through a new and personal pictorial representation of the Buddhist philosophy that inspired me.

An Any Artist

I think of “popular un-popular” art made by anyone. Today artistic phenomena travel in all directions, art is a very dense network of relationships and contaminations, a fragmentary and elusive global phenomenon. The super artist with his “Name” with his individuality cannot represent current society... The growing mass of artists is the true contemporary expression. Angelo Rossi 1995

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