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The Boat of the Heart

This summer the project Love-Boat goes on with the publication of a series of photographs created by interacting with some scenarios of the Italian territory, urban environments, monuments, graffiti and natural landscapes.

Below you see one photo taken in Sant'Angelo, the fairytale town in the province of Viterbo.

Some images of the series can be downloaded for free on my channel Telegram.

Available for sale the horizontal poster exclusively on the shop Etsy

Love-Boat is a participatory and itinerant installation, made up of a set of boats made by hand with wire and painted papier-mâché, conceived as a work constantly evolving.

The installation represents an imaginary journey where boats intended as a medium and container, they carry and communicate a message inspiring, an emotion, with the intent of bring diversity together but above all the affinities of which the various communities are often not aware. Recognizing a unique and harmonious sense towards a new humanistic renaissance, where beauty is in finding the right balance of human values that are used to live our society.

Love-Boat and the Heart Chakra 2022 

This year the Love-Boat Italy project is entirely dedicated to the energy center of the heart.

The chakras affect our perceptions, our feelings, our choices and even our thoughts, and as almost everyone knows by now, thoughts create the world we live in , and that is why today it is very important to increase a certain type of energy.

The heart expresses love and compassion and allows us to transform our life experience ... our ... vision of this experience

from the small "I" to the large "I"

Through the silent energy of the heart we develop compassion, kindness, forgiveness, dedication, and we learn to recognize these qualities in others as well.

We now have an opportunity to take the path of awakening to a new spiritual awareness, we can progress as a species and become HUMAN.

Love-boat 2022 is in progress, the project is open to collaboration , both in the ideas that can contribute to the development of the work, and in the realization of the work itself, but also in the organizational methods.

If you want to participate, even remotely , in the next editions, contact me by e-mail:


Participated in this edition: Barbara Matteucci with the La Piuma group from Viterbo, Barbara Brianti, Rita Lizicska, Lina and Kate, Giuliano Bravi and Laura Tralli co-creator of the project.

This year, among the various innovations , the participation of artists and decorators is expected to give their contribution by designing or painting a mini sculpture directly, thus giving life to community works with a personalized character.

The sculptures on display, installed in a single body, are connected by thin nylon threads applied to sliding steel bars. When a single boat is moved, all the others also change disposition.

The following contributed to characterize the sculptures: Gaetano Imparato, Elena Sandri, Carmen Merola, Lella, Emanuel Maresca, Arialdo Miotti, Angela Campanile, Stefano di Maulo, Maria Bifulco, Andrea Varrone, Gabriella Ramirez and Barbara Matteucci, Holos author's creations and Lorena Adami who wrote a review. ⬅

Let's Repaint Our Heart is a participatory performance that is part of the Love-Boat project and the Heart Chakra.

Chakra is a term for a spiral rotation. I have associated the movements of the wheel with the more familiar illustration of the red heart. After painting the spiral that expands into a heart, generating a new symbol that expresses energy, I started to involve people.

On Thursday 30 June at Il Cosmonauta in Viterbo we inaugurated the first exhibition. During the exhibition I asked the participants and visitors to make the gesture of repainting the new symbol of union, offering through this practice a brief moment of concentration with the possibility of developing determination to face the new tasks and actions that society requires.

Love-Boat for Terzo Paradiso 2019

In this edition the project supports and disseminates Michelangelo Pistoletto's Third Paradise: a symbol that can be reproduced by those who want to share the ethical and philosophical principles it contains, to foster a social rebirth through art.

“… The Third Paradise is the great myth that leads everyone to assume a personal responsibility in the global vision. The term paradise derives from the ancient Persian language and means "protected garden". We are the gardeners who must protect this planet and take care of the human society that inhabits it. The symbol of the Third Paradise, a reconfiguration of the mathematical sign of infinity, is made up of three consecutive circles. The two outer circles represent all diversities and antinomies, including nature and artifice. The central one is the interpenetration between the opposite circles and represents the generative womb of the new humanity. " Michelangelo Pistoletto, 2003

(Rebirth project of Città dell'Arte Pistoletto Foundation onlus.

Love-Boat for Ek Ong Kar 2018

In this first event, the exhibition itself became a laboratory where visitors were invited to participate in the construction of the boats. The installation made of boats and islands is dedicated to the ideogram EK ONG KAR which indicates the unity between creation and the individual. The idea for the exhibition is to create  a path through the different disciplines, art, crafts and yoga with the aim of unifying everything. EVERYTING IS ONE.