L'immaginario altrui

Questa ricerca ha l’intento di ritrarre una nuova realtà, una realtà costituita da una miriade di dipinti, fotografie, sculture e installazioni create da una miriade di artisti, pittori, scultori e fotografi. L’immaginario altrui è un omaggio alla creatività, è un lavoro sulla coincidenza e la somiglianza, in questi quadri ricerco quel legame che intercorre tra me e l’altro.

The imagination of others


Our personality is a ensemble of everything that surrounds us. Everything we have comes from our relationship with the outside world. Sensations, emotions and ideas are suggested by others.

I think it is impossible to realize an "original" art would be without history and it is impossible to make the equal works. Each object has its own life. Even the identical can not be without identity; a clone is second, third ... Its space-time location and numbering distinguish it as something else. The word "identical" indicates the smallest possible difference between one entity and another.

My artistic production tends to coincide, to camouflage with reality and with the imagination of others.

conceptual, pop art

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