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Objects and clothing

As you may already know, I paint with the aim of promoting the self self improvement and social.

I believe that the art can communicate beyond words and sounds, I believe it is a great communication tool capable of conveying messages outwardly and inwardly, to ourselves and to others and is capable of modifying an environment and the state of mind of those who live there.

Your home or the place where you work determine the quality of your life because you spend most of your time in these environments. Convivial or leisure moments, meetings and reunions and your own self-esteem depend on the ability you have to communicate who you really are to others.

You can change the look of your home simply and without a big commitment, you can choose the measurements and order a print on paper with or without a frame, or on canvas ready to hang.

Also hundreds of other products are available customizable with some of my best paintings, objects for the home or to wear;

Cushions finely printed in all sizes, meshes, sweatshirtssocks originals and various clothing... you are spoiled for choice.

You can make your own order directly on shop

Digital works

They are also availableprintsof digital works in open edition,autographed and dated on the reverse on the reverse. Five images for each project mainly made with digital technique ready for shipment. If you have special requests or more wishesinformationwrite me

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