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Collective art exhibition, Leggerezza. Rain of light (detail) photograph on canvas with gold leaf interventions by Stefano Cianti

collective art exhibition

Stefano Cianti

Francisco Córdoba

Stefano Di Maulo

Gino Loperfido

Angelo Rossi

In the historic center of Viterbo, in the San Pellegrino district in via Borgolungo 26, we arrive at Carlo Alvise Crispolti's ATELIER BORGOLONGO, a new exhibition space and artistic laboratory, inaugurated last Friday 21 June 2024.

The exhibition has captured the attention of art enthusiasts. The event was characterized by a lively and participatory atmosphere, with a heterogeneous audience who appreciated the variety of works on display, which fit well with the welcoming creative space. During the inauguration, Carlo Alvise Crispolti expressed great satisfaction with the participation and interest aroused by the event. He underlined the importance of spaces such as the Atelier BORGOLONGO for the promotion and valorisation of local contemporary art, and announced that the LEGGEREZZA exhibition will remain open to the public until the end of July 2024, with the possibility of meetings with artists by appointment. The theme of LIGHTNESS was explored in different ways by the five artists on display.

S. Cianti: «I felt inspired and motivated. Both artistic forms engage in a continuous dialogue between inside and outside, between perception and reality. Photography captures a moment, "freezing" it in time, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in that visual memory. The installation requires attention from the viewer, who must move around the work to understand its meaning. Both manage to evoke profound reflections, forcing the viewer to reconsider their 'light' relationship with space and time."

F. Córdoba, special guest and founder of the cultural association Studio d'arte Utopia located in Rome, enriched the exhibition with his works that combine elements of painting and sculpture. His international experience added a multicultural extension to the exhibition. «Through UTOPIA I want to demonstrate that another way of making art is possible, one in which art is not just a market product, but a means of building bridges, breaking down barriers and imagining new worlds. I personally undertake to continue my artistic research with the same spirit of 'lightness' and depth that has always guided my work."

S. Di Maulo has chosen to express lightness through sinuous and delicate shapes in his light metal sculptures, which seem to defy the laws of gravity. «Viterbo is an enchanting city, full of loyal and sincere friends. However, I perceive a lack of openness towards contemporary art. I believe it can develop greater sensitivity, which could not only attract a wider audience of art enthusiasts, but stimulate a more lively and inclusive cultural dialogue."

G. Loperfido opted for a more conceptual approach, creating a visual experience with his live performance, which induced the visitor to reflect on the concept of lightness in philosophical and existential terms. «For me, lightness manifests itself with two simple words: subtraction and courage. In my artistic practice, subtraction is not just elimination, but a process that leads to purity and clarity of expression. The courage is to stop before adding too many details to the work, it is a manifestation of artistic maturity. I remember the saying 'don't bite off more than you can chew', an invitation to moderation and wisdom. This philosophy invites the public to reflect on how subtraction and courage can influence not only art but also the perception of life itself."

A. Rossi brought "Angelo, the artist" to the theater with his ability to convey deep emotions, touching the strings of the soul. Every brushstroke, every color chosen, every detail has a meaning that goes beyond appearance. "Angelo, the curator" is equally amazing, with a keen eye and a rare sensitivity in understanding and enhancing the works of other artists. His scrupulous approach guarantees a unique experience. «For me, lightness is a way of being: I understand it as delicacy, concentration, caution. I work on spiritual themes trying to caress the sensitivity of my audience, making each exhibition a journey of discovery and reflection. Working as an artist and curator is my form of respect and passion for art. It is culture that allows us to always find a meeting point."

The ATELIER BORGOLONGO presents itself as a new point of reference for art lovers in Viterbo.

Laura Tralli

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