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duet - locandina dell'evento


A different art experience, a different way of conceiving art as it unfolds.

Performing an action, which is a gesture of art, presupposes a profound capacity for openness, of that Feeling that allows us to get in touch with the invisible Soul of things.

Performing an action, which is a gesture of art, and at the same time duplicated, clone of someone else's action, presupposes an enormous sense of Respect, which allows one to stand "beyond judgment" and make the other manifest fully for what it is.

This project aims to accompany the individual to discover his own uniqueness, the talents that distinguish him, reflecting himself in the imagination of others with deep respect.

Re-species, or “re-looking at the face”. And the face is the image with which the other faces us.

An "other" who can be another artist, but also an entire world.

This is why Respect and Imagination go hand in hand in seeing things (others, the world) beyond judgment, in order to strip them of what we think of them and to leave space for otherness to fully manifest themselves in our Uniqueness.


Anastasia Marano


rassegna stampa Duet, arte dal vivo, Maremma News
Rassegna stampa corriere, Duet, azione d'arte contemporanea a Grosseto, 2019
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