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Collective art exhibition

Locandina della mostra d'arte contemporanea dal 21 giugno 2024 a Viterbo, Italia


contemporary art exhibition curated by Angelo Rossi Arte

Atelier Borgolongo by Carlo Alvise Crispolti, via Borgolungo 26 Viterbo

Stefano Cianti
Francisco Cordoba
Stefano Di Maulo
Gino Loperfido
Angelo Rossi

from 21 June to 7 July 2024

Inauguration Friday 21 June at 6pm
with poetic readings by Amerildo Menditto

the exhibition can be visited
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 8pm
every other day by appointment

Finissage Saturday 6 July 2024 at 7pm
with poetic performance by Francisco Córdoba

Event organized in collaboration with the Cultural Association "Studio d'Arte Utopia"


Lightness understood as an aesthetic and conceptual quality is a recurring theme in contemporary art.
This concept can manifest itself through various techniques, from the use of physically light materials or by creating works that evoke a sense of delicacy and transparency.
Lightness can also be understood as a philosophical or poetic approach, like a breath of wind that caresses our soul. It is our ability to think lightly that raises ideas and concepts with grace and elegance without weighing us down with unnecessary complications and superstructures. By freeing our mind we counteract the gravity and heaviness of the modern world.
Lightness in art conceals a profound wisdom, as the visual perception and emotional sensation that a work transmits forms a thought that knows how to juggle the various complexities of life.
It's like a bird's flight that glides lightly without ever losing sight of the solid ground of concreteness.
We remember ITALO CALVINO in his book "American Lessons" describes lightness as a quality that allows you to "glide over things from above and not have boulders on your heart".

Atelier Borgolongo, Viterbo Italy, work in progress.

recensione leggerezza Laura
leggerezza finissage cordoba (1).png

Preview of Francisco Córdoba's performance

scheduled for Saturday 6 July at 7pm

Watch the short on Youtube

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Leggerezza performance di Gino Loperfido e Amerildo Menditto. Atelier Borgolongo 2024

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The  Ten Worlds in Art series 2, Greed

locandina desideri in abbondanza dicembre 2023

Desideri in Abbondanza, is a contemporary art exhibition that is part of the I DIECI WORLDS IN ART project. The exhibitions take place in ever-changing private and public places and have the aim of raising awareness of the culture and knowledge of the inner self through a new and personal pictorial representation of the Buddhist philosophy that inspired me.


From 8 to 31 December 2023

Voice & Arts Academy via del Teato Nuovo 20-22 Viterbo

DUExCINQUE art via Nicolò di Tuccia 10 Viterbo ​

The exhibitions can be visited by appointment:

Some of the works on display

Multidimensional art performance poster, Angelo Rossi, Carmelo Cannarella, Michela Benedetti, Friday 29 December at 6.30 pm, Viterbo

Multidimensional performance

Friday 29 December at 6.30 pm the finissage of Angelo Rossi's personal exhibition "Desideri in Abbondanza".

Experimentation, contamination, multidimensionality. These are the elements that inspire the “Au” performance. Painting, music and poetry intersect and merge into a texture of sound, light, images, words. After having enchanted those present with his works inspired by the nuances of the condition of greed which are part of his broader project "The Ten Worlds in Art", the artist Angelo Rossi agreed to confront and let himself be contaminated by the poetic dimension of Michela Benedetti and the sound of Carmelo Cannarella in a multidimensional experimental performance entitled “Au”. ... Keep reading

Carmelo Cannarella, in addition to the music and light effects, gave the title to this performance "Au" represents the first and last vowel, a sort of alpha and omega. The poet and actress Michela Benedetti composed and performed a series of poems, inspired by images and sounds. The event is organized by Leonardo Vietri.

Performance Multidimensionale "Au"


Collective exhibition

DuexCinque arte - invito collettiva, 8 dicembre 2023

Collective exhibition of contemporary art

The TWO X FIVE art studio. He invites you to pop into the historic center of Viterbo precisely in via Tuccia 10 to immerse yourself in a wonderful collective exhibition where style; artistic techniques and themes will allow you to appreciate the creativity of the artists involved.

Stefano Di Maulo, Silvia Lamberti, Francesca Proietti Sorbini, Angelo Rossi

Inauguration Friday 8 December 2023 at 11:00

Saturday 9th and Sunday 5pm

All other days by appointment

copertina video collettiva 2x5arte Viterbo

A short video of the exhibition


shared art studio

DUEXCINQUE, studio d'arte condiviso a Viterbo

On the occasion of the opening of the DUExCINQUE shared art studio in Viterbo, Stefano di Maulo and I exhibited four works each, Stefano created some new paintings created specifically for the event, while I proposed some works that are part of the project


“... A work can be born from an object, a thought, a sound, but another work can also be born from one work. In the general indifference into which we have fallen, the non-deaf voice of someone who offers a different and new interpretation through the recognizable becomes more important and significant than ever. The meaning of Angelo Rossi's work is to undermine the rules of reality, of the authentic, to make us reflect on the possibility that there are multiple readings of anything, that art can be contaminated, interpenetrated, but nothing can coincide perfectly with something else, every time a new connotation is created, a new authenticity.”

(text taken from the 2004 personal exhibition catalogue)

Some images of the preparations

Collective art exhibition on the FEMALE

Viterbo, Italy

Poster, contemporary art exhibition dedicated to women, Viterbo, February, March 2023

Feminine art, introspection and expression

A focus on the female world that represents strength, sensuality, intensity.

A free and strong woman represented by the gaze of the artists who will exhibit their works at the Caterinaccia, via delle Mura 17, Viterbo.

Inauguration February 24, 2023 at 19:00



Angelo Rossi, Eli.B, Federico Paris, Francesca Proietti Sorbini, Gino Loperfido, Gloria Lauro, Lidia Bachis, Michele Furci, Silvia Lamberti, Sophie Savoie.


Edited by Daniela Wicke


Graphics and catalogue: Ilaria Junod


Text finishing: Claudia Silvestri



Art Therapy Gestalt Counseling, Etruria Books, Flora, Yvis Clothing, Shao Yang Herbalist Shop, SUR farm.


The exhibition will be exhibited from 24 February to 8 March 2023


Info and reservations: Ilaria 328 2039880 La Caterinaccia cultural center