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Story of a rediscovered heart

I recently noticed the work of an artist, Angelo Rossi who paints a spiral that becomes a heart 🌀💚

Interesting how the Love-Boat art project connects to the concept of the heart chakra and also reminds me of the heart of the ocean, the heart of Te Fiti.

The stolen heart of the goddess Te Fiti is an ancient myth revived by Disney with the film Oceania.

The little Moana, the original name of the protagonist, which in Maori means its own body of water, ventures into the mission of returning her heart to the goddess, the one who generated everything, the luxuriant divinity of Nature, and who today finds herself hostage to the terrible Te Kā, evil entity made of incandescent lava and scorched earth.

When the little girl confronts Te Kā she realizes that she is none other than Te Fiti deprived of her heart 💚 Without that little heart, Te Fiti has withered, incapacitated, from a generator of life she has become a ruthless destroyer. He forgot who he was. 


"I know who you are. When your heart was stolen, who you were you forgot. It's a memory now, but who you are you know ”sings the young Moana to the parched goddess who finally agrees to take back her shining green heart and thus regains her true identity.


Self-memory is in the heart of Te Fiti, not in the brain. The essence of identity and destiny is in the heart, in the soul, in the daimon of which Plato spoke and then many after him up to Hillman.

What is this story telling us?

Maybe if we lose our hearts, we turn into self-destructive monstrosities?

And if we find the heart, do we regenerate ourselves and what is around us?

Once Te Fiti is cured, the sea, the fish and the islands find a harmonious vitality, as if to say that we are all connected and we all contribute to generating widespread well-being if we take care of our interiority first. Taking care of ourselves to be able to take care of the other.


Angelo Rossi's Love-Boat project can be a symbolic start to reactivate the energy of the heart and its green light chakra . 



Lorena Adami


Counseling - Transactional Analysis

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