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on paper and canvas

Dipinto ad acquarello su carta 50% cotone

My intention has always been to express through art a world made of events in progress, contradictory but always in continuous harmony with each other.

Every painting I make always originates from a vision and always starts from a small pencil drawing made quickly before the vision fades.

I perceive the shapes moving in space as if they were crushed. The reality in front of me is always two-dimensional, there are no distant objects and close objects, everyone is on the same plane.

When I move in an environment, in a city and even more when I walk in the midst of nature, I wear the world like a dress, the trees, the animals or the sky are not detached from each other and are not detached from me, they are all together lying on the surface of my skin or rather on the surface of my mind. ​

The ability to feel beyond the visible gives us emotions every moment, and it is emotions that make us human.


​Below you see some paintings that are part of the Umanità In Poltrona series and further down other recent works.

For information and collaborations write to me via email,


Some paintings are available in digital format for free download on my Telegram channel

Rest and creative calm
Series 5 in acrylic on canvas of the Ten Worlds in Art project

Humanity in the Armchair
Watercolor series 5 of the Ten Worlds in Art project

Flowers, Abstracts and Nudes

In recent years I have started a new series of works that encompasses all the themes covered in previous projects, the focus is always on spiritual, personal and social improvement but with a freer and more casual attitude, and with greater attention to aesthetics of the painting.