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Inaugurazione, installazione Love Boat

Love Boat for Terzo Paradiso 2019

“Love Boat”: The paper mache boats and the Planet to be saved

An artistic installation, vehicle of peace and culture, at Festambiente 2019


Love Boat is a participatory and itinerant installation, made up of handcrafted papier-mâché boats, conceived as a work in continuous evolution.

Boats have been, since ancient times, a container, the first means of communication, a vehicle for peace, culture and education.

The project in a first phase focused on the shared realization of the work and on the creation of an environmental installation plan, to reach the whole creative process, even with the use of multimedia elements (photography, video, graphics) up to definition of specific roles of individual participants.

In a second phase, attention was paid to the interaction with commercial activities and local associations which exhibited, in the period preceding the inauguration, a piece of the installation, a single Love Boat accompanied by an explanatory plaque. These pieces, placed in the different spaces of Grosseto, will then be brought together to form the installation.

It is always difficult to define a participatory event since we work on the procedures for the realization of a work and the relationships that derive from it, rather than on the art object itself. It is difficult to understand the motivations for such an artistic practice which is between the intellectual and the social. It is complex to summarize the intentions of the promoting artist, the motivations and expectations, entirely personal, of the participants, supporters and the public that lends itself to interaction. In any case, among the aims of the project the most necessary is to spread concepts of harmony and connect the singularities of the territory, for an intellectual-collective growth that passes from the heart.

In this edition, Love Boat supports and spreads Michelangelo Pistoletto's Third Paradise: a symbol that can be reproduced by those who want to share the ethical and philosophical principles it contains, to foster a social rebirth through art.

“The Third Paradise is the great myth that leads everyone to assume a personal responsibility in the global vision. The term paradise derives from the ancient Persian language and means "protected garden". We are the gardeners who must protect this planet and take care of the human society that inhabits it. The symbol of the Third Paradise, a reconfiguration of the mathematical sign of infinity, is made up of three consecutive circles. The two outer circles represent all diversities and antinomies, including nature and artifice. The central one is the interpenetration between opposite circles and represents the generative womb of the new humanity ”Michelangelo Pistoletto, 2003 (Rebirth Project of Città dell'Arte Fondazione Pistoletto onlus. ).

Love Boat offers an experiential path, an awareness of the participants and also of the non-participants that will culminate with the exhibition at Festambiente, the national festival of ecology and solidarity organized by Legambiente, which will be held from 14 to 18 August in Rispescia (Grosseto ).

Love Boat Training 2019
Public relations: Elena Spinsanti  And  Laura Tralli, technical support:  Giada Breschi  And  Mara Pezzopane, graphics:  Anastasia Marano, video: Dreaming Video by  Daniela Perego, photography:  Matteo Neri, Art:  Angelo Rossi,  Elena Spinsanti,  Jeremiah Renzi,  Laura Tralli,  Silvia Galli,  Silvana Pincolini,  Wang Hui.

Organized  in collaboration with  Qb Bookstore Paper Travel  and Clan Grosseto.

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